Luoghi in Taiwan che sono classificati college

> c

Caotun Shanggong (college), Central Police Officer College (college), Chang-hua National Normal University (college), Chang-hua Shih-fan Ta-hsüeh (college), Changrong Guanli Syueyuan (college), Changrong Guanli Xueyuan (college), Chao-yang Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chao-yang Institute Technology (college), Chao-yang K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Chaso-yang Institute of Technology (college), Cheng-chan Hsüeh-hsiao (college), Chi-nan Kuo-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Chi-tu Shu-yüan (college), Chi-tu-chiao Shen-hsüeh-yüan (college), Chia-i Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chia-i Institute of Technology (college), Chia-i Ta-hsüeh Lan-t’an Hsiao-ch’ü (college), Chia-i Ta-hsüeh Lin-sen Hsiao-ch’ü (college), Chia-nan Yao-li K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Chiao-t’ung Ta-hsüeh (college), Chiao-t’ung Ta-hsüeh (college), Chiao-t’ung University (college), Chiao-t’ung University (college), Chien-hsing Institute of Technology (college), Chien-hsing Kung-chuan (college), Chien-kuo Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chih-li Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chih-li College of Commerce (college), Chih-li Shang-chuan (college), Chijin Siaocyu Gaosyong Haiyang Syueyuan (college), Chijin Xiaoqu Gaoxiong Haiyang Xueyuan (college), Chin-hsin-hui Sheng-hsüeh-yüan (college), China Institute of Technology (college), China Marine College (college), China Medical College (college), Chinese Culture University (college), Ching-chung Commercial College (college), Ching-chung Shang-chuan (college), Ching-hsiao T’ai-nan Fen-hsiao (college), Ching-i Ta-hsüeh (college), Ching-lü Hsüeh-fo-yüan (college), Chingyi Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-cheng Institute of Technology (college), Chung-cheng Li-kung Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-chou Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-hsing Kao-chung (college), Chung-hsing Senior High School (college), Chung-hsing Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-hsing University (college), Chung-hua Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-hua College of Technology (college), Chung-hua Kung-hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-hua Ta-Hsüeh (college), Chung-kuo Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-kuo Hai-chuan (college), Chung-kuo I-yao (college), Chung-kuo I-yao Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-kuo I-yao Yen-chiu-so (college), Chung-kuo Kung-shang Chuan-hsiao (college), Chung-kuo Technical and Commercial College (college), Chung-kuo Wen-hua Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-shan I-hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-shan Medical College (college), Chung-shan Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-t’ai I-chuan (college), Chung-t’ai I-hu Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Chung-t’ai Medical (college), Chung-t’ai Medical College (college), Chung-yang Ching-ch’a Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-yang Ching-kuan Hsüeh-hsiao (college), Chung-yang Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-yang University (college), Chung-yüan Ta-hsüeh (college), Chung-yüan University (college), Ch’ang-jung College of Management (college), Ch’ang-jung Kuan-li Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ch’ang-jung Ta-hsüeh (college), Ch’eng-kung Ta-hsüeh (college), Ch’eng-kung University (college), Ch’i-chin Hsiao-ch’ü Kao-hsiung Hai-yang Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ch’iao-kuang Business College (college), Ch’iao-kuang Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ch’iao-kuang Shang-chuan (college), Ch’in-i Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ch’in-min Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ch’in-min Institute of Technology (college), Ch’in-min Kung-chuan (college), Ch’ing-hua Ta-hsüeh (college), Ch’ing-hua University (college), Ch’ing-yün Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ciaoguang Shangjhuan (college), Cihji Jishu Syueyuan (college), Cihji Shehuei Renwun Ji Yi Syueyuan (college), Ciji Jishu Xueyuan (college), Ciji Shehui Renwen Ji Yi Xueyuan (college), Cinghua Dasyue (college), Cinmin Gongjhuan (college), Cinyi Jishu Syueyuan (college), Cotholic Fu-jen University (college)

> d

Dahan Jishu Syueyuan (college), Dahan Jishu Xueyuan (college), Dahua Gongjhuan (college), Dahua Gongzhuan (college), Danda Chengcyubu (college), Danda Chengqubu (college), Danjiang Dasyue (college), Danjiang Daxue (college), Danshuei Gongshang Guanli Syueyuan Madou Fensiao (college), Danshui Gongshang Guanli Xueyuan Madou Fenxiao (college), Daren Yaojhuan (college), Daren Yaozhuan (college), Daye Gongsyueyuan (college), Daye Gongxueyuan (college), Deming Jishu Syueyuan (college), Deming Jishu Xueyuan (college), Donghai Dasyue (college), Donghai Daxue (college), Donghua Dasyue (college), Donghua Daxue (college), Dongwu Dasyue (college), Dongwu Daxue (college)

> f

Feng-chia College (college), Feng-chia Hsüeh-yüan (college), Feng-chia Ta-hsüeh (college), Feng-chia University (college), Fengjia Daxue (college), Fongjia Dasyue (college), Fu-hsing College of Technology (college), Fu-hsing Kung-chuan (college), Fu-hsing Kung-shang Chuan-hsiao (college), Fu-jen Ta-hsüeh (college), Fu-jen University (college), Furen Dasyue (college), Furen Daxue (college), Fusing Gongjhuan (college), Fuxing Gongzhuan (college)

> g

Gaosyong Canlü Guanli Jhuansiao (college), Gaosyong Kesyue Jishu Syueyuan (college), Gaosyong Shihfan Dasyue (college), Gaosyong Yisyueyuan (college), Gaoxiong Canlü Guanli Zhuanxiao (college), Gaoxiong Kexue Jishu Xueyuan (college), Gaoxiong Shifan Daxue (college), Gaoxiong Yixueyuan (college), Gaoyuan Jishu Syueyuan (college), Gaoyuan Jishu Xueyuan (college), Guangwu Jishu Syueyuan (college), Guangwu Jishu Xueyuan (college), Guofang Guanli Syueyuan (college), Guofang Guanli Xueyuan (college), Guoli Chenggong Dasyue (college), Guoli Chenggong Daxue (college), Guoli Gaosyong Diyi Keji Dasyue (college), Guoli Gaosyong Haiyang Jishu Syueyuan (college), Guoli Gaoxiong Diyi Keji Daxue (college), Guoli Gaoxiong Haiyang Jishu Xueyuan (college), Guoli Haiyang Dasyue (college), Guoli Haiyang Daxue (college), Guoli Jhengjhih Dasyue (college), Guoli Jhongjheng Dasyue (college), Guoli Jiayi Shifan Xueyuan (college), Guoli Jiayi Shihfan Syueyuan (college), Guoli Jinan Dasyue (college), Guoli Jinan Daxue (college), Guoli Kongjhong Dasyue (college), Guoli Kongzhong Daxue (college), Guoli Pingdong Keji Dasyue (college), Guoli Pingdong Keji Daxue (college), Guoli Pingdong Shangjhuan (college), Guoli Pingdong Shangzhuan (college), Guoli Taibei Keji Dasyue (college), Guoli Taibei Keji Daxue (college), Guoli Tainan Yishu Syueyuan (college), Guoli Tainan Yishu Xueyuan (college), Guoli Taiwan Tiyu Syueyuan Jiayi Siaocyu (college), Guoli Taiwan Tiyu Xueyuan Jiayi Xiaoqu (college), Guoli Yijhuan (college), Guoli Yizhuan (college), Guoli Zhengzhi Daxue (college), Guoli Zhongzheng Daxue (college)

> h

Hai-yang Ta-hsüeh (college), Hsing-wu Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Hsing-wu College of Commerce (college), Hsing-wu Shang-chuan (college), Hsiu-p’ing Hsüeh-yüan (college), Hu-li Chuan-hsiao (college), Hu-wei K’o-ch’i Ta-hsüeh (college), Hua-hsia Kung-chuan (college), Hua-hsia Kung-shang Chuan-hsiao (college), Hua-hsia Technical College (college), Hua-lien Shih-fan Hsüeh-yüan (college), Hua-lien Shih-yüan (college), Hualian Shifan Xueyuan (college), Hualian Shihfan Syueyuan (college), Huan-ch’iu Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Huan-ch’iu Commercial Technological Academy (college), Huan-ch’iu Shang-yeh Chuan-k’o Hsüeh-hsiao (college), Huanciou Shangye Jhuanke Syuesiao (college), Huanqiu Shangye Zhuanke Xuexiao (college), Huasia Gongjhuan (college), Huaxia Gongzhuan (college), Hueiming Syueyuan (college), Hui-ming College (college), Hui-ming Hsüeh-hsiao (college), Hui-ming Hsüeh-yüan (college), Huiming Xueyuan (college), Huli Jhuansiao (college), Huli Zhuanxiao (college), Huwei Keci Dasyue (college), Huwei Keqi Daxue (college)

> i

I-lan Ch’i-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), I-shou Ta-hsüeh (college), I-shou University (college)

> j

Jen-te I-hsiao (college), Jhanghua Shihfan Dasyue (college), Jhaoyang Jishu Syueyuan (college), Jhen-li Ta-hsüeh Ma-tou-hsiao-ch’ü (college), Jhengjhan Syuesiao (college), Jhihli Shangjhuan (college), Jhongguo Gongshang Jhuansiao (college), Jhongguo Haijhuan (college), Jhongguo Wunhua Dasyue (college), Jhongguo Yiyao Syueyuan (college), Jhongguo Yiyao Yanjiousuo (college), Jhonghua Gongsyueyuan (college), Jhonghua Jishu Syueyuan (college), Jhongjheng Ligong Syueyuan (college), Jhongjhou Jishu Syueyuan (college), Jhongshan Dasyue (college), Jhongshan Yisyueyuan (college), Jhongsing Dasyue (college), Jhongsing Gaojhong (college), Jhongtai Yijhuan (college), Jhongyang Dasyue (college), Jhongyang Jingguan Syuesiao (college), Jhongyuan Dasyue (college), Jianan Yaoli Keji Dasyue (college), Jianan Yaoli Keji Daxue (college), Jianguo Jishu Syueyuan (college), Jianguo Jishu Xueyuan (college), Jiansing Gongjhuan (college), Jianxing Gongzhuan (college), Jiaotong Dasyue (college), Jiaotong Dasyue (college), Jiaotong Daxue (college), Jiaotong Daxue (college), Jiayi Dasyue Lantan Siaocyu (college), Jiayi Dasyue Linsen Siaocyu (college), Jiayi Daxue Lantan Xiaoqu (college), Jiayi Daxue Linsen Xiaoqu (college), Jiayi Jishu Syueyuan (college), Jiayi Jishu Xueyuan (college), Jidu Shuyuan (college), Jidujiao Shensyueyuan (college), Jidujiao Shenxueyuan (college), Jingjhong Shangjhuan (college), Jinglü Xuefoyuan (college), Jinglyu Syuefoyuan (college), Jingsiao Tainan Fensiao (college), Jingxiao Tainan Fenxiao (college), Jingyi Dasyue (college), Jingyi Daxue (college), Jingzhong Shangzhuan (college), Jinsinhuei Shensyueyuan (college), Jinxinhui Shengxueyuan (college)

> k

Kao-hsiung Hospitality College (college), Kao-hsiung I-hsüeh-yüan (college), Kao-hsiung Institute of Science and Technology (college), Kao-hsiung K’o-hsüeh Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kao-hsiung Medical College (college), Kao-hsiung Normal University (college), Kao-hsiung Shih-fan Ta-hsüeh (college), Kao-hsiung Shih-ta (college), Kao-hsiung Ti-i K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Kao-hsiung Ts’an-lü Kuan-li Chuan-hsiao (college), Kao-hsiung Ying-yung K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Kao-yüan Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kao-yüan Institute of Technology (college), Kongjhong Dasyue (college), Kongzhong Daxue (college), Kuang-wu Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kunshan Keji Dasyue (college), Kunshan Keji Daxue (college), Kuo-fang Kuan-li Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li Cheng-chih Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li Chi-nan Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li Chia-i Shih-fan Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li Chung-cheng Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li Ch’eng-kung Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li Hai-yang Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li I-chuan (college), Kuo-li Kao-hsiung Hai-yang Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li Kao-hsiung Ti-i K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li Kao-hsiung Ts’an-lü Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li K’ung-chung Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li P’ing-tung K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li P’ing-tung Shang-chuan (college), Kuo-li T’ai-nan I-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li T’ai-pei Hu-li Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li T’ai-pei K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li T’ai-pei Shih-yüan (college), Kuo-li T’ai-wan I-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Kuo-li T’ai-wan Shih-fan Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li T’ai-wan Ta-hsüeh (college), Kuo-li T’ai-wan T’i-yü Hsüeh-yüan Chia-i Hsiao-ch’ü (college), K’un-shan K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), K’ung-chung Ta-hsüeh (college), K’ung-ta (college)

> l

Li-ming Kung-chuan (college), Li-ming Technical College (college), Lianhe Gongjhuan (college), Lianhe Gongzhuan (college), Lien-ho Institute of Technologiy (college), Lien-ho Kung-chuan (college), Lien-ho Ta-hsüeh (college), Liming Gongjhuan (college), Liming Gongzhuan (college), Ling-tung Commercial College (college), Ling-tung Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ling-tung Shang-chuan (college), Lingdong Shangjhuan (college), Lingdong Shangzhuan (college)

> m

Min-hsiung Hsiao-chü Cha-i Ta-hsüeh (college), Ming-chih Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ming-chih Kung-chuan (college), Ming-chih Technical College (college), Ming-hsin Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ming-hsin Institude of Technology (college), Ming-hsin Kung-chuan (college), Mingjhih Gongjhuan (college), Mingsin Gongjhuan (college), Mingxin Gongzhuan (college), Mingzhi Gongzhuan (college)

> n

Nan-hua Kuan-li Hsüeh-yüan (college), Nan-hua Management College (college), Nan-hua Ta-hsüeh (college), Nan-k’ai Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Nan-t’ai K’o-chi Ta-hsüeh (college), Nan-t’ou Kao-chung (college), Nan-t’ou Kao-kung (college), Nan-t’ou Technical School (college), Nan-ya Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Nan-ya Institute of Technology (college), Nan-ya Kung-chuan (college), Nanhua Guanli Syueyuan (college), Nanhua Guanli Xueyuan (college), Nankai Jishu Syueyuan (college), Nankai Jishu Xueyuan (college), Nantai Keji Dasyue (college), Nantai Keji Daxue (college), Nantou Gaogong (college), Nanya Gongjhuan (college), Nanya Gongzhuan (college), National Chengchi University (college), National Chi-nan University (college), National Chia-i Normal College (college), National Chin-i College of Technology and Business (college), National Chung-cheng University (college), National Ch’eng-kung University (college), National Hualien Teachers College (college), National Kao-hsiung Institute of Marine Technology (college), National Kaohsiung First University of Sicence and Technology (college), National Ocean University (college), National Open University (college), National Open University (college), National P’ing-tung College of Commerce (college), National P’ing-tung University of Science and Technology (college), National Sun Yat-sen University (college), National Tainan College of Arts (college), National Taiwan Academy of Arts (college), National Taiwan College of Physical Education Chia-i Branch (college), National Taiwan Normal University (college), National Taiwan University (college), National T’ai-pei College Nursing (college)

> p

Penghu Jishu Syueyuan (college), Penghu Jishu Xueyuan (college), Pingdong Shihyuan (college), Pingdong Shiyuan (college), Political Warfare College (college), Providence University (college), Provincial Junior College of Nursing (college), P’eng-hu Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), P’ing-tung Shang-yeh Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), P’ing-tung Shih-fan Ta-hsüeh (college), P’ing-tung Shih-yüan (college), P’ing-tung Teachers’ College (college)

> q

Qiaoguang Shangzhuan (college), Qinghua Daxue (college), Qinmin Gongzhuan (college), Qinyi Jishu Xueyuan (college)

> r

Rende Yisiao (college), Rende Yixiao (college)

> s

San-ch’ung Shang-kung (college), San-yü Chi-tu Hsüeh-yüan (college), San-yü Christian College (college), Sanchong Shanggong (college), Sanyu Jidu Syueyuan (college), Sanyu Jidu Xueyuan (college), Sheng-yüeh-han Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Shengyuehan Jishu Syueyuan (college), Shengyuehan Jishu Xueyuan (college), Shida Fenbu (college), Shifan Daxue (college), Shih-chieh Hsin-wen Chuan-hsiao (college), Shih-chien Ta-hsüeh (college), Shih-chien Ta-hsüeh Kao-hsiung Hsiao-ch’ü (college), Shih-chien Ta-hsüeh Nei-men Hsiao-ch’ü (college), Shih-chien University Kao-hsiung Branch (college), Shih-fan Ta-hsüeh (college), Shih-hsin Kung-shang (college), Shih-hsin Ta-hsüeh (college), Shih-li T’ai-pei Shih-yüan (college), Shih-ta Fen-pu (college), Shihda Fenbu (college), Shihfan Dasyue (college), Shihjian Dasyue (college), Shihjian Dasyue Gaosyong Siaocyu (college), Shihjie Sinwun Jhuansiao (college), Shihli Taibei Shihyuan (college), Shihsin Gongshang (college), Shijian Daxue (college), Shijian Daxue Gaoxiong Xiaoqu (college), Shijie Xinwen Zhuanxiao (college), Shili Taibei Shiyuan (college), Shixin Gongshang (college), Shu-jen I-kuan Chuan-hsiao (college), Shuren Yiguan Jhuansiao (college), Shuren Yiguan Zhuanxiao (college), Sihai Gongzhuan (college), Sihhai Gongjhuan (college), Singwu Shangjhuan (college), Siouping Syueyuan (college), Soochow University (college), Ssu-hai Kung-chuan (college), Ssu-hai Technical College (college)

> t

Ta-han Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ta-han College of Engineering (college), Ta-hua Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ta-hua Institute of Technology (college), Ta-hua Kung-chuan (college), Ta-jen Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Ta-jen Medical College (college), Ta-jen Yao-chuan (college), Ta-yeh Kung-hsüeh-yüan (college), Ta-yeh Ta-hsüeh (college), Ta-yeh Technical College (college), Tai-chung Normal School (college), Taibei Dasyue (college), Taibei Daxue (college), Taibei Huli Syueyuan (college), Taibei Huli Xueyuan (college), Taibei Shihyuan (college), Taibei Shiyuan (college), Taibei Syueyuan (college), Taibei Tiyu Syueyuan (college), Taibei Tiyu Xueyuan (college), Taibei Xueyuan (college), Taibei Yi Syueyuan (college), Taibei Yi Xueyuan (college), Taida Yi Syueyuan (college), Taida Yi Xueyuan (college), Taidong Shifan Xueyuan (college), Taidong Shihfan Syueyuan (college), Taijhong Jishu Syueyuan (college), Taijhong Shihfan Syueyuan (college), Tainan Dasyue (college), Tainan Daxue (college), Tainan Nüzi Jishuxueyuan (college), Tainan Nyuzih Jishusyueyuan (college), Tainan Shifan Xuexiao (college), Tainan Shihfan Syuesiao (college), Tainan Woman’s College of Arts and Technology (college), Taipei Municipal Teachers College (college), Taiwan Dasyue (college), Taiwan Daxue (college), Taiwan Provincial Tainan Engineer’s College (college), Taiwan Shen Syueyuan (college), Taiwan Shen Xueyuan (college), Taiwan Sicyu Jhuanke Syuesiao (college), Taiwan Xiqu Zhuanke Xuexiao (college), Taizhong Jishu Xueyuan (college), Taizhong Shifan Xueyuan (college), Tamsui Oxford College Ma-tou Branch (college), Tan-chiang College (college), Tan-chiang Ta-hsüeh (college), Tan-chiang University (college), Tan-chiang Wen-li-hsüeh-yüan (college), Tan-shui Kung-shang Kuan-li Hsüeh-yüan Ma-tou Fen-hsiao (college), Tan-ta Ch’eng-ch’ü-pu (college), Te-lin Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), Te-ming Chi-shu Hsüeh-yüan (college), The World College of Journalism (college), Ts’ao-t’un Kung-shang (college), Ts’ao-t’un Shang-kung (college), Ts’ao-t’un Teconical and Commercial School (college), Tuna-hai University (college), Tung-hai Ta-hsüeh (college), Tung-hai University (college), Tung-hua Ta-hsüeh (college), Tung-hua University (college)
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